Nunui Bali is a young surf and casual wear brand handmade in Bali. We love being involved in the whole production process from picking the fabrics, making the designs to testing the product in action and adjusting where needed. We put quality before quantity, we want all the customers to be satisfied even though we know it's not always possible to satisfy everyone. Nunui Bali is by no means mass production brand! We have personal contact with all people involved in the production process.

That being said, we don't use a middle man and we work directly with production people giving them opportunity to make decent salary and not being ripped off by the factory owners. We truly believe and have witnessed that the quality of their lives and living conditions in general have improved significantly. Nunui Bali isn't just a product but bikini with a story behind it. So by shopping with us you are not only getting a great product but also supporting local people.

Nunui Bali is a brand with cause/purpose. Each purchase enables us to donate to local charity so with every purchase you can be sure you are contributing to make a better life for someone else. We understand that each production has impact on our environment and we want to make this world a little better place. Thus we thank all our supporters to be part of it.

We strive towards very little or zero waste production. We try to use leftovers of the bikini production for other parts in final product and eventually want to be able to use them all for different products! In 2017 we are coming out with our ECO FRIENDLY reversible spring suits which we are very excited about. Hopefully soon our bikini will also be made out of recycled fabric.

First Nunui bikini were made in 2014 and its been quite a ride since then. Finding the right production for small handmade line took some time but it sure was worth it.

If you have any questions regarding our brand, purchase, sizing please do not hesitate to write us at

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